DR-202 battery Pack


Replaces the DUR-202 Battery Pack. Also replaces Sager Motorola ML900; Clevo, Micron, Kapok and other laptops and diaggnostic equipment. . Precision engineered and designed to be 100% compatible to OEM specifications. Chemistry: Lithium Ion Rating: 10.811.1 Volts, 6600 mAh Dimensions: 5.75″ x 3.5″ x 0.78″ Lithium Ion Smart Battery 100% original manufacturer compatible Guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications Full 2 year warrantyReplaces these many laptop battery part numbers: DR202, SMP202, PS202S, PS-202S, 6480iPTD, TR-202S, 122-00044-000, 317-218-001, 90-0801-0020, BJ-202SP, BJ202SP, D4031A, D4035A, DDN7505, DDN7505A, DR-202, DR202, DSO001185-00, EMC-202, EMC-202S, EMC202S, HKNN4004, HKN4004A, KA21012-01, KA21014-01, LIP-947, LIP-958, LIP947, LIP958, ME202, ME202A, ME202B, ME202BB, NBP001117, NBP001117-00, NBP001139, NBP001139-00, NBP001169, NBP001169-00, NBP001185, NBP001185-00, NI202, NI2020, NI2020C, PK-010011433, SB200L, SL-202, SL202, SMP-202, SMP-202P, SMP202, SMP202P, ST-202S, ST202, ST202S



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